Community Group Discussion Questions

Community Group Discussion Questions


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Luke 10:1-12

Mission is one of our core values at TAC, but for many of us mission is impersonal and kept at arm’s length. We support the idea of mission, but we aren’t actually doing anything personally to share Jesus. Following the model of Jesus sending the 72, we are committing ourselves to identifying the “people of peace” that God has brought into our life and to pray for them and for opportunities to love them, serve them and share Jesus with them.  


Discussion Questions

1. What thoughts come to mind when you think of evangelism or mission? What apprehensions or experiences do you have?

2. The 72 were to bring nothing on their journey as a way of trusting God to provide everything for their trip and not trusting in their own independent resources. How do you display a trust in God to provide as you live on mission?

3. Read vv.8-9. What is the significance of eating together? How do the 72 combine word and deed? How important is that for us as well as we live on mission?

 4. What do you think about the focus on people of peace, those who like you and welcome you into their life? Can you identify people like that in your life?

5. Will you commit to identifying your people of peace and praying for them? How can we keep each other accountable to this?