Community Group Discussion Questions

Community Group Discussion Questions


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Luke 1:26-38

December can be a hectic and noisy time and Jesus can get crowded out of our lives. There’s a lot of talk and singing about hope, peace, and joy, but how many of us are experiencing them? We need to return to the biblical story and seek the great joy that comes from the good news proclaimed to all people. This starts in the most unlikely of places and with the most unlikely of people…  


Discussion Questions

1. Imagine Mary’s situation. What would happen when she is discovered to be pregnant?

2. Given her situation and the risks, what is the significance of her words in v.38? How is she a model for us?

3. Why is it important that Jesus had a divine conception? What difference does it make?

4. How is Jesus described by the angel? What do each of these terms mean? And how do they point us to the deeper meaning of Christmas?

5. Think about Christmases past. What activities stir up great joy and help you worship Christ? What activities add stress and distraction from Jesus? How can you focus more on Jesus this Christmas?