Community Group Discussion Questions

Community Group Discussion Questions


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 7:1-17


Chapter 6 gave us a picture of the judgment of God and left us asking “who can stand before God?” The vision of chapter 7 gives us the answer. God has a people who are able to stand before the throne and have been sealed for salvation. This vision is given to encourage us and help us as we strive to follow Jesus through the challenges and struggles of our day.  


Discussion Questions


1.  How does chapter 7 answer the question of 6:16-17? How do the two chapters relate?


2.  How should the vision of the uncountable multi-ethnic people of God around the throne shape the way we view and relate to people of different ethnicities? How can we grow in our awareness and understanding of the global church?


3.  How do you respond to the songs of praise in v.10 and 12? What is the focus and cause of their praise? How does this inform our life and praise?


4.  What does it mean that they “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb”?


5.  Re-read vv.15-17. What does it look like to belong to God forever? What image stands out to you?


6.  What promise or picture from this text do you need to carry with you this week?