Community Group Discussion Questions

Community Group Discussion Questions

Opening What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?             



Read Revelation 8-9


The vision of chapters 8-9 give hope to suffering Christians, as God acts in judgement to answer the prayers of his people. Like Egypt before them, the evil empires that stand against God and his people will fall. These trumpets are a final warning and call to repentance for all those who stand against God and give hope that God hears his people and will answer.


Discussion Questions


1. What are the similarities between this text and the Exodus account? How does that help us interpret this passage?


2. The first six trumpets are in 8:6-9:19. But what is the cause of the trumpets (8:1-5) and what is the result (9:20-21)? How does the text fit together thematically?


3. Both here and in Exodus, God brings judgement against an evil empire in response to the prayers of his suffering people. What does this teach us about prayer? How does it encourage us?


4. The judgements can feel harsh, but how does 9:20-21 give perspective? What is the purpose of the Trumpets? Why do you think that people persist in their idolatry and violence?


5. Are you aware of the plight of suffering Christians in other parts of the world? How should we respond? How can we pray for them?