Community Group Discussion Questions

Community Group Discussion Questions


What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 10


Between the 6th and 7th trumpet is another interlude, with two related visions each focusing on the witness of God’s people. John is to consume the opened scroll and prophecy its message to the world. While John’s commission is unique, we share in the Great Commission which has us consume and spread the gospel to the world.  


Discussion Questions


1. John is not permitted to write down the seven thunders. What do you take from the fact that there are things that we are simply not told?


2. What is the symbolism behind John eating the scroll? What’s the significance and what does that speak to you about how we should approach God’s Word?


3. In what ways is the Bible’s message sweet? Can you share a passage or a moment when Scripture was sweet to you like honey?


4. In what ways can the Bible’s message taste bitter? How should we approach and share hard passages in the Bible?


5. Are you devouring God’s word? How can we encourage each other to be filling ourselves with scripture more?