For Christ. For South Delta.

For Christ. For South Delta.

We exist to proclaim Jesus and live on mission together for his glory.

One of our great strengths at TAC is our global mission work. Both through the C&MA and other partners we've seen God at work in Germany, Cambodia, India, and Kenya. We've sent teams, built buildings, equipped leaders, and seen God move. But what about South Delta? Jesus has sent us to our community to make him known. As we have prayed and discussed, we have identified this as a focus area for this next season. There are two parts to this focus:

1. Make Mission Personal

We are calling each of us to be praying for 3 individuals and that God would open up opportunities with these "people of peace." We want to hold each other accountable and encourage each other to make mission personal. If you missed, watch the sermon "Making Mission Personal"

2. Be Ready for Company

When guests join us, are we ready for them? We want our website, signage, communication and worship to be clear and accesible. We want our people to be welcoming and hospitable. We hope to make updates to our kitchen and sanctuary in 2018.

In order to see this vision become reality, we nee everyone to get invovlved, to pray and to give.

To support our this year end campaign you can give through our Sunday offering, through our mobile app or securely online.