At TAC, we're all about next steps. Regardless of where you are at spiritually, we believe that everyone can take a next step. Although we can't list every next step available, we do want to highlight some steps that we believe are most important for those attending TAC.  

Our 101-401 classes are designed to help you live a healthy and balanced Christian life. In taking these classes you will be laying an excellent foundation for your spiritual life and your relationship with Jesus Christ for years to come.      

CONNECT 101 is our basic introduction to our church family. Here you will learn about our purpose, vision, values, and beliefs. You will also discover what it means to belong at TAC, believe in Jesus, and be baptized as one of his followers.   

GROW 201 is designed to help you grow spiritually and become more like Jesus. You will be introduced to basic spiritual habits that are essential for a healthy, vibrant, and living relationship with Jesus Christ. We’ll look at the Bible truths you need for everyday living; how to talk to God in a refreshing, conversational way; how to develop relationships with other believers for support and encouragement; and much more.  

SERVE 301 is all about helping you discover your SHAPE for ministry at TAC. God has uniquely made you, and your SHAPE is one-of-a-kind. During Serve 301, you’ll discover how your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences reveal how God wants to use someone with your SHAPE to minister to others in need.

REACH 401 is designed to help you reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this class you will learn how to be a witness through your actions and lifestyle, as well as through your words. Reach 401 will strengthen your knowledge of the Gospel, help you to clearly share it with others and equip you to build relationships that can have an eternal impact.