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At our last Elder-led prayer night on December 5th, many of us came together to hear from the Canadian Pacific District and their LIFE Initiative report. It was a time of thanksgiving, challenge, reflection, and seeking God’s guidance for us as a church. We grouped together at our tables and prayed. We prayed for our staff and ministry leaders, for our Elders, for our children, youth and seniors. We prayed for whomever God is calling to us next. We prayed for South Delta and the countless people who don’t yet know the loving-kindness of Jesus Christ. We prayed for our role as witnesses and loving one another. The list goes on. The point is, we prayed. A dozen people praying aloud at the same time, lifting up our voices in confession and supplication. We prayed.

Praying together is a powerful way to keep us centred on God while drawing us closer to one another. We need that. We all need that.

Giving an evening to joining together in worship and prayer isn’t glamorous or fun, it isn’t always easy – sometimes it isn’t even practical. But we all need it.

On January 2nd we’re planning to join together again for First Thursday, a monthly evening of prayer and worship. Will you join in the body, lean into the Father, and lift up your voice with us?

January 2, 2020
TAC Chapel