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Home cooking is healing. As a church, we are collecting frozen cooked meals for church family members who need a little help from time to time. These will be used when there is an illness, bereavement, or any time when relief is needed from some other unexpected stresses of life.

To contribute to the Benevolent Freezer, double a recipe you are preparing for your own family, and package and freeze the extra meals for two or four people. Please:

  • Prepare complete, cooked meals. If you would normally serve your entree with a side dish, please include that, too. (The point of the Freezer is to help folks so they don't have to prepare a meal. If they need to prepare a side dish, they are still cooking, and then we're not helping them much.);
  • Label each meal with the ingredients and date;
  • No spicy food, please;
  • Desserts are a welcome treat!
  • Don't put your your names on the meals;
  • Drop off at the church office during office hours or on Sunday mornings, or let Office know you're bringing in meals, and we will direct you; 
  • And please do not remove any meals from the Freezer without the Office's knowledge.

Thank you so much for your contribution to our Benevolent Freezer ministry. Please contact the Office if you have any questions.