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It is Saturday night here in Cambodia. We only just arrived yesterday and it feels as though we have been here much longer. The days have been full and challenging. Yesterday we saw Tuol Sleng geonocide museum and the Killing Fields today, Though we had become well acquainted with the history of Cambodia prior to our arrival,  it is difficult to be fully prepared to be confronted with the reality of such evil. Our guide was 13 at the time of the genocide. She shared stories of the evacuation from Phnom Penh, walking for three months as her and her family were relocated to a rural encampment And the murder of her father and brother at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. It seems unfathamable that man could be that evil on such a massive scale. As difficult as it was to begin our time here facing that reality was exactly where we needed to start. it is only as we understand Cambodia's history that we can understand Cambodia today.

Following lunch we departed for our first visit to Place of Rescue. Our time at Rescue began with orientation at Marie's house.  Marie told the group all about POR and Gods faithfulness to make it all happen. We then went for tours of Place of Rescue. It was amazing to meet the children, their house moms, the grannies and the babies. Much to our joy we were invited into the homes for dinner. Two or three people joined the 10 children and house mom in each of the 20 children homes for dinner together. It was an honor to be a guest in their home. We ate Cambodian style, sitting on the floor around mats on the floor. The house moms had been asked by Marie not to do anything special for dinner but just make a little extra of what they would normally have. Paul and I joined in one of the girls houses for the meal. The meal was delicious. we were warmly welcomed and served twice the meal the children had. We were even given a special plate of sweets. It was a very humbling experience. 

Our team seems to have pushed through the jet lag well. Please pray for health. One of our team members has stomach issues. Pray for healing and protection from any further illness. 

We are looking forward to beginning English camp on Monday and building relationship with the children. 

Written by Sheri