Thus far this trip has been challenging emotionally, some what physically, and especially spiritually- and it is only day 3! Toul Sleng and the killing fields yesterday had such a dark feeling, it was uncomfortable at times. I could only imagine the evil that once resonated there. However as we got to witness these places, signs of life were becoming evident. New growth of lush trees and bright flowers emerged. We clearly got to experience how God can turn situations around for the better.

Today, we all got to experience a refreshing change at the New Life church in Phnom Penh. It was very different from the previous day, and instead of being somber, we were encouraged to worship and celebrate. Throughout the service there was constant prayer and hands were raised to Jesus. It was very powerful, and I too had my hands in the air. The presence of God was so strong, it was truly amazing. I felt rejuvenated and alive once it was over, and definitely felt Gods presence within me. 

As the day progressed, we had a Khmer 101 class. After, we met with Stony Plain and had a mass group prayer time. Everyone had a chance to say something and raise it up to Jesus. This was also very encouraging, and unity was felt among both teams. 

Our teaching teams have also met and discussed curriculum for tomorrow. After one year of preparation- we are finally heading off to English camp! I am so excited to live out what God had planned for us, and have an amazing week with the children. 

Please pray for our health and pray we will be rested and rejuvenated for this week at english camp. Pray for unity among our team and Stony Plain, as our cohesiveness is necessary for the time we have here. Also pray for the kids at Place of Rescue, pray their minds will be open and ready to receive what we have to teach them. 

Written by Emily Machnyk