Goodbye Rescue 2, Hello Rescue 3


Saturday we had our last day of English camp at Place of Rescue 2! It was such an incredible week, filled with amazing moments and memories that we will never forget. It was truly amazing to see God doing so much great work in this place. Every single person, both staff and kids at Rescue are so full of love and joy, and their passion and desire for God is so abundant! Even though we don't speak the same languages; we know, love and worship the same God together. Teaching the young ladies this past week was inspiring. Their love to learn and their love for God will never be forgotten.

After our final morning of teaching the team went off for lunch. When we arrived back the staff was working hard hanging balloons and decorating for the celebration that was soon to follow. We had an incredible afternoon and evening with everyone. All week students and their teachers were preparing for the Pageant, where we show the rest of the camp what we worked on this past week. Our girls were very excited and wanted to sing 10,000 Reasons in English. Our teaching team also had each girl write a sentence in English about what Jesus means to them, to read out at the pageant. Our girls decided that we should read a sentence too, but in Khmer. They were so eager and pleased to help and teach us as we had been doing for them all week.
The Pageant was quite the event. Every teacher gave a student a certificate for their hard work and for completing English camp, then they gave us ones to thank us for teaching them. Each of the classes got up on stage and preformed what they prepared and everything was so amazing! One of the boys classes wrote their own Psalms, other classes recited verses, sang a song, and even did a skit! Between each class presentation the Dancers preformed beautiful traditional Cambodian dances for the rest of us. The dances each told their own story and were exciting to watch. When the pageant was finished we ate dinner with everyone there. The house moms prepared delicious food for us and after we had a crazy, but very fun dance party! It was such a fun and incredible night. To finish off before we said our goodbyes a few of the staff members prepared a slideshow with highlights and moments we had from the week. It was such a special way to end off an indescribable week.

Sunday morning before church we ate breakfast at Eden, a restaurant affiliated with YWAM. Anna, the lady who opened Eden spoke to us and told us the amazing story of Eden Cafe. The story is filled with amazing moment after moment of God providing again and again and working in such an amazing way. Every part of the story of what God has done in her life has been incredible and her trust in him is so abundant.

After church, We took bus ride out to the city of Pailin today. Looking out the window and seeing this gorgeous world that God created was incredible. After a short stop to check in to the hotel we headed over to the closely located Place of Rescue 3. This site is much smaller than the other two that we have been at. Meeting the kids and eating in their homes tonight was such a blessing an an honor. Tomorrow we head back for a day of fun crafts and games and we are all so excited!

We appreciate everyone that has been praying for our team during our time here. Please pray for Place of Rescue 3 as they do not have a large staff and some homes have a lot of kids, pray that God will provide for them the staff they need. Please also continue to pray for the team and our health, as well as Rescue 1 as they lost a young boy earlier this week and it's not an easy time for the kids and staff to loose such a beautiful life so young.