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Day 2 in Cambodia and i have already seen and felt an unbeleivable amount of different emotions. I went to places and saw things i didnt even know existed. From the Tuol sleng S21 memorial site to the Killing feilds, i have never witnessed so much darkness in one place, so many innocent lives lost and so many generations affected by evilness and sin. The amount of suffering these people have endured broke my heart and made me really reflect on my own life and how much i take for granted.

From reading surviors testimonies i felt an unbelivable anount of shame as i realized how much i under appreciate the things i have in my own life such as family, friends, education, freedom. I really saw god working through me in those tough moments teaching me what i need to be grateful for and the things in my life i need to value more. I also saw and felt God tonight when we had dinner in the orphans home at Place of rescue, the beautiful kids full of so much joy and excitement to see us and welcome us into there homes so gracious towards us giving us there own water bottles and serving us before themselves. It showed how much happieness they have, comming from absoloutely nothing in some cases.

It showed me what true joy is and that it comes from faith and family and not the material things we tend to value. I pray that i will be strengthened in my faith more these next two weeks and that God will show himself to me in many more amazing ways.