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In additional to traditional giving options (giving your offering at church), we offer several alternative methods including e-transfers (etransfer to:, online giving (Mastercard, Visa, Amex), and in-person debit or credit offering with our Square terminal.

Please be aware that all these alternative methods include credit card and/or banking fees, with e-transfers being the least, usually $0.50-1.00 per transaction, depending on the type of account you have with your bank

Effective October 1, 2023 we have transitioned our online giving platform to Sunergo, our suite of online tools for online giving, contact database, child protection, and more.Click here for information on cancelling your recurring donations on Subsplash.

Watch this video for instructions (the audio starts :04 into the video)  (click the [ ] button to expand the video to full screen)


Go to:  to give online. Or, from your Sunergo Connect page, go to the Giving section (left menu) and a then click the green "Give Now" button in the upper right. You do not need a Sunergo account to give online. Please see the video or the instructions below for more informaiton.



← You will be prompted to log into Sunergo Connect (if you're not already) or to create an account.
← Enter your donation amount and indicate if this is a one-time or monthly (recurring) donation. You can skip this part and go straight to the online donation form, below
← Then select the fund you wish to donate to. If you wish to donate to more funds, click the "add another fund" link and select the fund and enter the amount. The minimum donation for each fund is $20.

If you are signed into Sunergo, the billing information will be filled in.

← If you would like to include a note, please do so here. Do not indicate the funds to donate to here. Please do that in the dark section, above.
← Enter your credit card information. If you are signed into Sunergo, you will have the opportunity to click a "Save this card" box 
← Click the"Next" button" and you will be promoted to review and confirm your donation. 


Please contact the church office if you have any questions or if you would like some help walking through this process.