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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      




Read Revelation 3:1-6

The church in Sardis had a great reputation, known for being a church that is really alive. But Jesus diagnoses the church as being dead. They’re reputation doesn’t match reality. They have become lethargic, comfortable and unfaithful. But Jesus has not given up on this church and calls them to wake up, repent and to follow him with passion and authenticity.


Discussion Questions


1. Make a list of activities that will gain you a good reputation as a Christian.  How many of them can you do while neglecting your spiritual vitality and love for Jesus? What is the danger in pursuing a good reputation?


2. What are some indicators of a spiritually dead church? What advise would you give to a dying church?


3. Do you feel like your own faith is growing, plateaued, or declining? What practices help you grow? What causes spiritual decline?


4. What are some examples of sins of omission that we might be susceptible to?


5. What are you going to do differently because of this word from Jesus? How can we help you in this?