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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 14


This passages gives us three scenes that deal with the judgement of God. In scene one we that God redeems his people (vv.1-5). They stand with the Lamb, singing their song of victory. In scene two we see that God is just as a series of warnings give a final chance to the people of the earth and call them to worship God or face judgement (vv.6-13). And in the third scene we see the judgment of God on the people of the earth (vv.14-20).  


Discussion Questions

1. What is the significance of being sealed with God’s name? Compare and contrast the seal with the mark of the beast.


2. Why has Christianity always been and always will be a faith that sings? How does the gospel relate to music?


3. What is the blessing for those who “die in the Lord” (v.13)? How can death be viewed as a blessing? What is the rest that they receive?


4. Try to put yourself in the place of those 7 suffering churches. How do you think that they would receive these warnings of judgement?


5. What would you say to someone who believes that everyone will go to heaven? Why is the justice of God necessary?