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Opening What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      

Summary Read Revelation 15-16

With the seven bowl judgments, God’s wrath is poured out against the counterfeit trinity of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet, and all those who worship them. With this final judgment—which closely resembles the plagues of Egypt—God brings justice for the faithful martyrs (6:10) and displays his glory and power (v.8). We might find this picture of God hard to receive, but we are told that God’s actions are always just and fair (vv.5-7) and for them he is worthy to be praised.  

Discussion Questions

1.      What is the theme of the song of the Lamb (vv.3-4)? How would you summarize it?


2.      How is God’s glory and power seen in punishing the wicked? Does God’s justice bring him glory?


3.      Why do these bowls resemble the plagues of Egypt so much? Why does Revelation want us to view God’s future judgment in light of the Exodus judgment?


4.      Why is it that people feel that judgment from God would be unfair? What is our view of God if we feel his judgment is wrong?


5.      What are the problems of having a view of God that is too small (excluding attributes like justice & holiness)? What are some practical consequences of a diminished view of God?


6.      What can we do to know and worship God as he is, rather than the a diminished imitation?