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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 17-18


In the 7th plague of Revelation 16 we were told of the fall of Babylon. Revelation 17-18 re-tells the story with far more detail. It is a warning to all God’s people of the seductive power of the idols of wealth, luxury, success, and achievement. These idols tug at our hearts, but ultimately renege on their promises, leaving us empty. Babylon the prostitute is the counterfeit of Jerusalem the Bride of the Lamb. God is calling us to find our eternal joy and meaning in Him and flee the empty promises of the world.  


Discussion Questions

1. In what was does the Babylon of Rev 17-18 resemble “the American Dream”? What are the things that grab our attention and lure us in?


2. In your own heart, what are some of the things that grab your attention and distract you from God and his good plan for you?


3. What are the promises made by wealth, fame, and success? How do they always fail to deliver?


4. What did C.S. Lewis mean when he said that we are far too easily pleased? How can we cultivate deep joy and satisfaction on God himself?


5. Practically, how can we fight against the distractions and seductions of Babylon? How can we train our heart to seek joy elsewhere?