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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 19:1-10


After the fall of Babylon the prostitute (17-18), we are now introduced to her contrast, the Bride of the Lamb. She symbolizes the church, the faithful people of God who are washed by the blood of Jesus. We are called to join the song of praise in response to coming of God’s kingdom and preparing of the Lamb’s Bride.  


Discussion Questions


1. How does the bride make herself ready? And how does Jesus make the bride ready? What passages in Revelation speak to this?


2. In what ways is the church broken and ugly? What does this passage teach us about how Jesus sees church? How can we be more hopeful about the church?


3. How is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb relate to the Lord’s Supper? How is the Lord’s Supper both backward looking and forward looking? How do you personally experience it?


4. How does the joyful celebration of the end of Revelation equip us through our challenges today? How can we have joy while we wait for the wedding?


5. When Revelation says “Worship God!”, what is all that is meant by that? What has Revelation taught you about worship?