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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Luke 24:1-12


On the first day of the week, their grief still raw, a group of women come to Jesus’ tomb to pay their last respects and honor him through a proper embalming. And they discover the most surprising and amazing thing: the stone is rolled away, the tomb is empty, Jesus has risen. Nothing will ever be the same. God is making all things new!  


Discussion Questions


1. What were these women trying to do? Why is it significant that women were the first witnesses?


2. What does it mean that Jesus is Lord? What are the personal implications?


3. How does Jesus’ resurrection shape our personal and gathered worship?


4. What do you make of the initial skepticism and later belief of the apostles? What does this teach us?


5. What practical difference does the resurrection of Jesus make for you? How does it give us hope? Assurance?


6. Is there someone that God has put in your life that you need to “go and tell” about Jesus? Can we pray together for opportunities?