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Opening question:

What were your ideas about heaven as you were growing up? 



In Revelation 21 John sees a vision of a new heaven and earth. The old things have passed away and now God ushers in a new reality of His glorious presence with His people in a fully restored creation. While we wait for God to fulfill His promise, we are called to live in light of eternity with expectation, confidence and hope. 




1. What is the significance of “no more sea”? How does this give you hope in this life? 


2. How are Eden and the new heaven and earth the same? How are they different? What difference does it make for us? 


3. What does “Alpha and Omega” mean? What do these words tell us about God? 


4. What does it mean to be Thirsty? How do we tap into the Spring of Living Water without paying anything? How would you tell someone else about this? 


5. God promises an inheritance to those who conquer. What does it mean to conquer? How does the promise of the inheritance to come, shape your thinking about life here and now? 


6. What does this vision of heaven inspire in your life and ministry? How might it call us to live differently now in light of all that is to come? 


7. What personal application will you work on this week as you consider all that God has promised us?