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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?                                                                                                      


Read Revelation 21:9-27

Here comes the Bride! John’s vision of heaven continues with this picture of the Bride, the New Jerusalem in all her splendour. It is heaven come to earth, God with his people. It is the glory and joy that our hearts have longed for.  


Discussion Questions


1. What do we learn from all the counterfeits in Revelation and the false joys that they offer? Why are we shown this?


2. How do the Garden of Eden, the Temple, the Church, and the New Jerusalem all relate?


3. What is the purpose of the measurements of the New Jerusalem? What do they mean? Who is the city for?


4. What is the true joy and treasure of heaven? How should that shape our life now?


5. What do you learn about heaven from this passage? What truths do you need to hold on to from this text?


6. How should this vision change the way we live today? What can we do now in light of what is to come?