Steve Kroeker
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Acts 9:1-22

The story of Saul illustrates how Jesus changes everything. With Jesus, there is a new identity, new priorities and a new mission. We want to be a church that lives for Jesus and his mission. Our choices, priorities and values are shaped by knowing Jesus and making him known. His mission to make disciples is our mission.  


Discussion Questions

1. What is the significance to Jesus’ statement that Saul is persecuting him (vv.4-5)? What are the implications of that?

2. Imagine being Ananias in this story. How hard would it have been? What would your thoughts have been?

3. What are the changes we see in Saul’s life as a result of meeting Jesus?

4. How does Jesus give us a new mission and purpose in life? What does that look like practically?

5. What is Jesus’ mission in the world today? What does it mean for us to join his mission?

6. Who are the people in your life that don’t know Jesus and that you believe that God has put them in your life for you to love and share Jesus with? How can we pray for them?