Steve Kroeker
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Philemon 1-25

Over the last two weeks we unpacked the themes of reconciliation and slavery from this short letter. This week we are looking at how Paul seeks to influence Philemon. Instead of playing the authority card and seeking to dominate and control Philemon, he seeks to inform, influence and bring Philemon to agree with him about Onesimus. Paul shows us how the cross is not only our message, but also shapes our methods of influence and communication.  


Discussion Questions

1. What can we learn from the way that Paul prays for Philemon? What are some new or deeper ways that we can pray for each other?

2. Why is it important to Paul that Philemon act in love (v.9) and of his own accord (v.14)? What difference does this make? How can we follow this example?

3. What stands out to you about the way that Paul goes about trying to influence Philemon? How can you follow this example?

4. How does Philemon need to integrate his theology and life? Where do you personally find this challenging?

5. What is your biggest 1-2 takeaways from the book of Philemon? How is God calling you to respond to the book and how can we pray for you as you do that?