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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Hebrews 1:5-2:4

Building off the intro the author focuses his argument on the superiority of Jesus to angels, who were typically associated with the giving of the Law. Jesus has given us a better Word and so we must pay closer attention to it in order to not drift away spiritually. And if there were consequences for neglecting or rejecting the Old Testament Law, how much more so for the neglecting the better word of salvation we have from Christ?  


Discussion Questions

1. Hebrews 1 focuses extensively on the exaltation of Jesus (his enthronement). What does this doctrine teach and what is its significance?

2. In what ways does the author assume the divinity of Jesus in this text?

3. In 2:1-4, what is the danger of drift and neglect? What does that mean?

4. Do you think that drift or neglect is danger for us as well? What would that look like for us?

5. Practically, how can we “pay much closer attention”? What might that look like for us? How does this help us fight spiritual drift?

6. What is the lesser to greater argument in vv.2-3? What is this warning us of? How should we respond?