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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  


Read Hebrews 2:5-18


If Jesus is the exalted and divine king (chapter 1), why did he have to suffer and die as a human? That’s the question Hebrews 2 is addressing. The Author marvels at the incarnation of Jesus and how his life of suffering and death was necessary to bring us to glory. Jesus is a better saviour because he actually lived the human experience of suffering and died for our sins.   Discussion



1. What amazes you most about the incarnation of Jesus? Why is it essential that our saviour be fully human?

2. What encouragement is there that Jesus suffered as we suffer and knows our experience?

3. What is propitiation? Why is it essential to the gospel? What does it teach us about the seriousness of sin?

4. How does Christ’s death change the way we as Christians ought to think about death? How can this passage prepare us for the inevitability of death?

5. The Author calls our future “glory” (v.10). What do you think of when you hear the word glory? What makes our future glorious?