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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Hebrews 8:1-13

Chapter 8 continues to compare Jesus with the whole Old Testament sacrificial system. Jesus is High Priest of a better Covenant with better promises. The author quotes extensively from Jeremiah 31 to show how the promised new covenant has come in Christ and has replaced the old covenant.  


Discussion Questions

1. What is the significance for us that Jesus our priest is ministering in heaven?

2. What does it mean that the tabernacle/temple was a copy and shadow of heavenly things? How does this shape our view of the temple?

3. What is a covenant? What are the most prominent covenants in the Bible? How does understanding the covenants crucial to understanding how the Bible fits together?

4. What was the problem with the Old (Mosaic) Covenant? How is that addressed in the New Covenant?

5. In what way is the new covenant fulfilled now and in what way is it still to be fulfilled?

6. How should the internal nature of Christianity (mind & heart v.10), shape the way we view the Christian life? Where are we tempted to “externalize” Christianity? What personal practices can help us keep our hearts spiritually engaged?