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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Hebrews 10:1-18

These verses bring the theological argument of Hebrews to a conclusion. While the Old Testament sacrifices could never truly deal with sin, Jesus’ single offering dealt so decisively with our sin that there is no more need for sacrifice. His New Covenant offering secures eternal forgiveness and righteousness for his people and decisively marks the end of the Old Covenant.  


Discussion Questions

1. If the sacrificing of animals cannot take away sins, why did God prescribe sacrifice for Israel? What does the repetition of these sacrifices tell us?

2. Why does the author emphasize that Jesus sat down after making a single sacrifice? How would you communicate this to modern people?

3. In what sense are we perfected by Christ’s single offering? How is this similar or different from being sanctified? What is completed and what is a process?

4. What is so new about the New Covenant in vv.16-18?

5. In what way do you struggle to believe that you are truly perfected because of Christ? How can you remind yourself of the gospel more frequently?

6. How does the Lord’s Supper relate to the single sacrifice of Jesus?