Steve Kroeker
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Hebrews 10:19-39

With Hebrews 10:19, the whole book shifts. The author summarizes his whole theological message in vv.19-21, and then shifts to three crucial exhortations in vv.22-25. Here we find the message of Hebrews condensed. He urges the readers, in light of the supremacy of Christ and his work, to persevere in faith looking to the better reward that is to come.  


Discussion Questions

1. What is our “confidence to enter the holy places” and on what is it based? How should this translate into your worship and prayer?

2. A big emphasis in Hebrews is on holding fast to our confession. What are some practices that help us to hold fast to Christ? What are some that get in the way? What disciplines or priorities does someone need to persevere in faith?

3. Why should we be committed to stirring up love and good works in others? How have others inspired you to do better? How can you stir up others?

4. What should we personally take from the warning in vv.26-31? What is the sin being referenced here? How should this warning help us to hold on to Christ?

5. The readers are reminded of their former faith (vv.32-34). When was a time when you had stronger, more joyful faith? What would you like to rekindle from that time?

6. How can we promote and pursue faithful endurance in a culture that loves instant success?