Paul Papworth
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Opening Question

What examples of faith have inspired your life?  



Hebrews 11:1 – 12:2

As the author of Hebrews shifts from theology to application, he calls forth examples from the Old Testament that display genuine biblical faith. Through the Old Testament examples the author of Hebrews seeks to inspire his readers to persevere in faith, setting aside both hindrance and sin, so that we can live out our Christian life with a growing focus on Jesus and the reward we have in Him.  


Discussion Questions

1. How would you define “faith” in your own words? What are common misconceptions of faith? How would you address those misconceptions? How would you define genuine biblical faith?

2. What does it mean to be commended by God? How did the “people of old” receive their commendation from God?

3. How is the faith of the Old Testament saints the same as ours? How is it different?

4. In what ways can the world and what it offers interfere with our faith in God and His promises? How is Abraham’s example helpful for us?

5. What do we learn from the example of those who suffered for their faith? What does their example encourage in our lives?

6. In chapter 12 verse 1 the author calls us to “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely”. What might be slowing you down? What steps will you take to address this?

7. What is the key to growing in faith? What does this call forth in your life?