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Opening Question

What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Hebrews 13:1-25

This final chapter is an epilogue, a final word after the main content is done. In it he gives many very practical instructions for living out the Christian life. In the end, Hebrews cannot remain in the realm of theology but makes a big difference in our everyday living. Hebrews calls us to be a counter-cultural community, united together and living by different values as we look to the city to come.  


Discussion Questions

1. What role does perseverance have in loving others? How can we endure in loving others when we do not want to?

2. What responsibility do we have to love the afflicted? How can we apply this practically in our own situation today?

3. How can we hold marriage in honor? What are ways we can promote and protect marriage? How can we honor marriage while at the same time fully welcoming the unmarried?

4. What must we do to develop contentment and protect ourselves from a love of money?

5. What is the place of reproach in the Christian life?

6. What do we learn about church structure and membership from v.17? What are the benefits of formally belonging to a specific church?

7. What difference does it make if we are seeking the city to come? How do the values of that city shape our life today?