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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read 1 Kings 17:17-24

God had already shown himself to be the True and Living God through the drought and his provisions for Elijah and the widow. But, is he able to cross the barrier of death? Can he overcome the grave, too? It is into this impossible situation that God speaks life. The resurrection of this boy points us ahead to Jesus’ resurrection and the life to come for all who believe in him.  


Discussion Questions

1. What is the widow’s response to the death of her son? Who does she blame and why?

2. What do you observe about Elijah’s response? Summarize the two parts of his prayer. What does Elijah model for us as we face pain and loss?

3. How does the boy’s resurrection validate Elijah’s word? How does this point us to Jesus?

4. Read Luke 7:11-17. How do these two stories compare? What is the difference? What conclusions does Luke want us to make from this?

5. What do these resurrection stories tell us about how God views death? How do they point us to the future? How should resurrection theology shape our life today?

6. Into what situation can we pray for you with humility and boldness?