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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read 1 Kings 17:8-16

As the drought continued and the brook dried up, God provided for his prophet, but in a very surprising way. He sends Elijah right into the heart of Baal’s land to find provision from a desperate and impoverished gentile widow. While Israel remains faithless, God chooses and shows grace to these foreigners, which anticipates the blessing of God going to the nations in the gospel.  


Discussion Questions

1. Name all the ways that v.9 would be really surprising to Elijah. Why do you think God chose to work this way?

2. What do you think the woman means by “as the LORD your God lives”? How do you interpret her faith as this story progresses?

3. Why is the woman asked to first feed Elijah and then herself and her son? What does this require? How does this act relate to the promise?

4. Can you share of a time when God provided surprisingly for your needs? How has he cared for you in the past?

5. In what way might God be calling you to step out in faith and trust in his promises?

6. How does this story foreshadow the preaching of the gospel to the nations? (See Luke 4:16-30).