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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?


Read Romans 8.12-25

As we struggle along in the Christian life we can doubt our place with God. But the Holy Spirit in our life is evidence that we are adopted by God and are heirs with Christ. We along with all of creation are waiting with hope and patience for our day of redemption, when suffering gives way to glory. We live in the broken now, with eyes watching for the glorious then.

Discussion Questions

  1. On what basis can we call God our father? Is this true of all people?

  2. How do we know if we are adopted as God’s children?

  3. How does our suffering fit with God’s plan for us?

  4. How should we think about the earth if it is subjected to futility and awaiting redemption?

  5. How can we maintain an eternal perspective and wait with patience and hope for redemption?