Steve Kroeker
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?


Read Romans 8.1-11

The Christian struggle against sin (Rom 7.14-25) is not all that is to be said about the Christian life. On our own we are hopeless, but with the Spirit at work in us we can walk in a way that honours God by setting our mind and heart on the things of the Spirit, rather than on the things of sin. We are becoming what we are surrounded by.

 Discussion Questions

  1. Do you struggle to believe that there is no condemnation for you in Christ? How can we remind ourselves of this? Is there a danger in over-emphasizing this?

  2. How are we changed by what we are surrounded by? Where have you seen that be true?

  3. Practically speaking, how can we set our mind on the things of the Spirit?

  4. How can we self-evaluate what our mind is set on?

  5. What questions can we ask to be critical and thoughtful in our media consumption?