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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Ezekiel 11:14-21

In Ezekiel 8-11, God takes Ezekiel on a visionary tour of Jerusalem, showing him the idolatrous acts that were happening there. Because of their abandonment of God and worship of idols, God removes his glory and presence from the temple, yet he promises to be a sanctuary for the exiles and that he will someday give his people a new spirit and heart so they can obey and be faithful covenant partners.


Discussion Questions

  1. Ancient idolatry may seem foreign to us, but it all centered around sexuality, politics, prosperity, and security. Where do we see similar temptations to find identity and meaning apart from God in our day?

  2. What do we learn about God that he continues to pursue and stick with his people even in their wandering and idolatry?

  3. Why can’t they obey, and how does God promise to fix this in 11:19-20? What does this teach us about obeying God today?

  4. What was the theological significance of the temple in Ezekiel’s time? How is the temple fulfilled in Christ? What encouragement is this for us?