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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Exodus 14:1-31

At the Passover, God spared Israel by the blood of the Lamb and redeemed them from Egypt. But God wasn’t finished. In the crossing of the Red Sea God defeats their old master and accomplishes their salvation. By grace they find themselves on the far shore of the Sea, cut off forever from the land of slavery. This story pictures our salvation: leaving our slavery to sin behind we cross over by grace into new life and a new identity.  


Discussion Questions

  1. “God is passionate about his glory.” Have you thought about this? What does this mean? What does it look like for us to be passionate about God’s glory?
  2. How was crossing the Red Sea a picture of grace?
  3. In what ways do we forget the gospel and need to remember that we live “on the other side of the Sea”? What is our new identity in Christ?
  4. How is Israel’s Red Sea crossing similar to Christian baptism?
  5. How do salvation and singing relate? Why should we sing and what should we sing about?