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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Ezekiel 24:15-27

For six years Ezekiel has been warning of the coming siege of Jerusalem and pleading with the exiles to turn from the rebellion back to Yahweh. Chapter 24 is a huge turning point as it presents the last sign-act, one final appeal to the exiles. Ezekiel’s wife dies and he is to not mourn her. Likewise, the exiles would lose their great delight, the temple, and would be so overcome with grief they cannot mourn either. But even in this, God is at work loosening their grip on their idols so that they will know that he is the One True God. He is all they need.


Discussion Questions

  1. What’s your first response to the death of Ezekiel’s wife? What does it make you think about God and his actions here?

  2. When God’s actions seem most shocking, it is usually because our priorities and his are not aligned. Which of our priorities are most easily offended by God?

  3. God seems eminently concerned that people know him as the only true and all-sufficient God. What is meant by this? What are the implications for us?

  4. Do you really believe and feel that in all situations God is working for your good? How do we often define ‘good’ vs. the way Paul defines it (Romans 8:29)?