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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Exodus 19:1-25

Having been rescued from Egypt and brought through the wilderness, the people of Israel finally arrive at Mt. Sinai where they will meet with God. But it’s crucially important that we notice the order of events: God rescues before he gives his law. He redeems us in order to make us his holy people, not because we already are.  


Discussion Questions

  1. Look at vv.4-6. What is the significance of the ordering of God’s work of salvation and his call to obedience? What happens if you change the order?
  2. Do you ever doubt God’s love, acceptance or forgiveness because you seem unworthy? How can we work to remember the nature of God’s grace?
  3. God is both transcendent (far) and immanent (near). How would you primarily view God and what are the risks of over-emphasizing one aspect to the neglect of the other?
  4. How can we emphasize both in our private and corporate worship?
  5. With regards to approaching God, what has changed because of Jesus and what remains the same?