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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?        


Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh and proclaim Yahweh’s command to let His people go. In response, Pharaoh becomes hard-hearted and is determined to make life miserable for the Hebrew slaves. He burdens them with an unbearable workload and treats the Hebrew foremen cruelly. As life takes a turn for the worse God gives what is needed most; His promises and His presence.  

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where have misery or hardship touched your life? What was helpful in the midst of difficult circumstances?  
  2. Have you been tempted to think that not following God would be easier or better? Have you ever found yourself disappointed because God hasn’t acted as you would expect him to?  
  3. In the text we observed two different responses to Pharaoh’s cruel oppression. The foremen sought relief from Pharaoh but Moses turned to the Lord. Where are you inclined to turn when life gets painful? How can we learn and grow from Moses’ example?  
  4. Have you seen suffering lead to bitterness in a person’s life? How can you honour God as you encourage such a person? What is most helpful when life takes a turn for the worse?  
  5. How might God be calling you to minster in the midst of people’s pain and suffering?