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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Exodus 7:1-13; 9:13-17; 10:1-2

Exodus 7-11 describes a series of nine plagues that God brings against Egypt as Pharaoh continues to defy God and refuse to let the Hebrews go. These plagues are not random but are a very intentional and thorough display of God’s power and glory over all the gods of Egypt. God is committed to making his name known to Pharaoh, the Egyptians, the Israelites and the whole world.  


Discussion Questions

  1. Why are these 9 plagues necessary? What are God’s purposes?
  2. How do these plagues make God’s name known? Is that important, and how is God’s name made known today?
  3. We may not have statues and gods, but there are still idols in our culture that we look to for security, prosperity and hope rather than God. What are the most common idols of our culture?
  4. In what way is God working in your life to detach your love and trust from other things in order for you to attach it to him? How is this both painful and gracious?
  5. Several times in response to plagues, Pharaoh “repents” in order to make a plague stop, but then changes his mind. What is the difference between this and genuine repentance? What are some characteristics of false conversion to Christianity?