Sharalee Staunton
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Romans 7:1-25
If we’ve been set free from sin (chapter 6), why do we still struggle? Paul shows us that the more we grow in Christ the more we will identify sin in our hearts and will struggle against it. The Christian walk is one of fighting against our sin and looking to Christ for victory.



  1. How is being married to Christ a helpful image for understanding our identity in Christ?
  2. What are the conflicting desires that are experienced by a Christian?
  3. As a Christian matures will they see their sin more or less? Will their view of self improve over time?
  4. What might it indicate if a person thinks that they don’t sin very often?
  5. What is the two-fold cry of vv.24-25a? How does this fit with Christian maturity? Should this be our cry as well?