Sharalee Staunton
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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Romans 5:12-21
How is it that one man’s death can justify so many? In this section Paul explains how Adam was the representative head of all humanity and his sin brought death for us all. Similarly, Christ is the Second Adam, who succeeded were the First Adam failed and brought life to all who are in Christ. All humanity then belongs to the age of death in Adam, or the age of life in Christ.



  1. How do you react to the idea of Adam as your representative head?
  2. How is it that Jesus is a suitable second Adam and representative head?
  3. How are Adam and Christ similar? And how are they different?
  4. What are some ways that our culture views death? How does Christian faith defy death?
  5. How is it good news that we can be united with Christ in faith and have him act as our representative head?