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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?


Read Romans 11.1-36

Paul wraps up his discussion of the place of Israel by outlining how God has been faithful to his promises, even though many Israelites are currently cut off from the people of God. Behind this discussion of the future of Israel is an important lesson of approaching God and his grace with tremendous humility and trust, even when his ways remain mysterious. Are we willing to trust God’s purposes even when we don’t agree or don’t understand?

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is arrogance such a temptation for Christians?

  2. If God is sovereign over salvation from foreknowledge to glorification (8:29-30), what attitude should we adopt?

  3. We often feel we are owed an explanation or given a reason why things happen the way they do. Why is that? Where does this come from?

  4. What does it say about us if we are only willing to trust God or obey his word when it fits our expectations?

  5. How can we cultivate a deeper trust in God’s purposes?