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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Colossians 1.21-23

Many people seem to think that if something is God’s will, that it must be easy. That God makes our lives easier and better. In an instant-everything culture, God is calling us to a stubborn and faithful perseverance through suffering and opposition. God is building his kingdom through ordinary people faithfully working hard and sticking with it for his glory.


Discussion Questions

  1. Our culture elevates what is new and trendy. How does this shape the way we view faithfulness and perseverance?

  2. How does the slow work of growing to maturity in Christ work in an instant-everything culture? What if perseverance is the way that God grows us?

  3. If God wants us to focus on the long game, what should our life-long goals be in our walk with Christ? Many people have goals for retirement, finances, education, etc. but do you have long-term spiritual goals?

  4. If we are walking in God’s will, is it fair to expect our life to be fairly easy or fairly difficult or neither?

  5. How does the gospel motivate faithful perseverance and protect us from both drifting in our faith and from performance-based legalism?