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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read I Peter 1:3-9

It is easy for Christians to develop a ‘sky is falling’ attitude as we witness evil events and moral decay. We can fall into cynicism or into an unhealthy nostalgia that longs to go back to the good old days. But having a Big God means that we can have an equally big hope. The Christian life is hope-filled and forward thinking, keeping our eyes on what God has promised will come. Yes this world is dark and broken, but there is great hope as we wait for the restoration that God is bringing.  


Discussion Questions

  1. Why are we prone to an unhealthy cynicism and nostalgia?
  2. What are some helpful steps that you can take in order to remember the promises of God and live now with a future-orientation?
  3. How does the bigness of God produce hope? Can a little view of God kill hope? 
  4. How does a big view of God sustain us through trials and suffering? Where can we find joy in the midst of grief (v.6)?
  5. On what grounds do we have a living hope? Is there a reasonable basis for our hope?