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Opening Question

What is one way that you will prepare to celebrate Jesus this Christmas season?


Read Matthew 1:1-17

In the opening of the Matthew’s gospel, he reveals that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the rightful heir to David’s throne. Through Jesus, God is doing a new work of his grace that is of epic proportions. We are invited into that work to be changed by his grace and extend grace to others, so that all may know the one true King, Jesus.


Discussion Questions

  1. Mathew wants us to understand that Jesus is King. How does the Christmas story reveal that Jesus is altogether different from every other king?

  2. God’s promise to Abraham reminds us that we are blessed to be a blessing. How might this be different from a Christmas gift exchange?

  3. What are some practical ways to be a blessing this Christmas season?

  4. What does the inclusion of people of questionable character in the genealogy teach us?

  5. How should God’s acceptance of broken people impact and shape our lives?

  6. How is God calling you to adjust your life or invest differently this Christmas season?