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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?  



Read Matthew 22:1-14

Many Christians seem to be rather ashamed and embarrassed at the Bible’s teaching on God’s judgement. It rubs against our Canadian core cultural values of tolerance, freedom, and equality. But we need to see that the righteous judgement of God is incredibly good news to a world racked with corruption and sin and that needs rescue. God’s judgement gives us hope that everything will be made right in the end. To diminish this truth is to fundamentally distort who God is and to miss out on a beautiful and necessary aspect of his nature.  


Discussion Questions

  1. How do you react to the Bible’s teaching about God’s judgment?
  2. How have we re-made God into our own image? What do we lose out on when we imagine God apart from his justice?
  3. How is God’s justice good news in a world of injustice? Does it give you hope?
  4. How do we see both God’s justice and mercy at the cross? How should the justice and mercy of God shape our personal prayer and worship?