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Can you name a season in life when you were closest to God and growing in Christ?



Read 1 Peter 2:9-12

In our western individualism we typically define ourselves by what we do, what we accumulate, or how we are viewed by others. We work slavishly to build our identity around one or more of these things. But the gospel changes everything. We are given a new identity and a new way to define our self. By God’s mercy we have a new identity, a new purpose and are called to a new lifestyle.


Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways do you recognize “drift” in your life? Is there a way that you want to grow this year?

  2. For you personally, on what are you tempted to build your identity (career, appearance, possessions, relationships, etc)? In what ways do you see this manifested in your life?

  3. With the gospel, which comes first, lifestyle or identity? How is this different than the rest of life? In what ways are you tempted to reverse these?

  4. What does the image of “sojourners and exiles” convey? How should we think of ourselves in these categories?

  5. According to the text, for what purpose has God chosen us to be his people? Do you feel like you are living out that purpose? What would it look like for someone to live that way?