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What stood out to you from this Sunday’s message?



Read Revelation 2:1-7

At the end of the first century the church in Ephesus was a theologically robust and faithful church. They held strong on doctrine and were able to detect and reject false teaching. But even though their theology was strong, there was still sin in their church which threatened their very existence. Their sin? Their orthodoxy was loveless. They loved theology, but did they love God? We each are at a risk of drifting into a similar loveless orthodoxy.


Discussion Questions

  1. Do you tend towards love or doctrine? Do these work together in your life?

  2. What are the three simple commands that Jesus gives to this church to restore their love? How can you apply these in your situation?

  3. Have you gone through a season of “loveless orthodoxy”? Looking back, what caused it and how did you come out of it?

  4. How serious is this lack of love? Do you think our attitudes reflect this seriousness?

  5. If Jesus were to “remove a lampstand”, what might that look like?